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Adenium Arabicum (A. Arabicum)

Adenium Arabicum (A. Arabicum) Distinguished most by its outstanding caudex formation and relatively thick fleshy leaves, this is the most succulent and “desert-look alike” plant. The seeds are particularly large and gives seedlings which rapidly form a nice hard caudex. Caudex for such plants for adenium refers to its large body size trunk. – Desertroseking.com … Continue reading

Water Lily from Chatuchak Bangkok

On July 2011, I made my second visit to Bangkok after 10 years from first visit. Being a plant-nerd, I have to admit. I did many research on buying plants from Bangkok. I heard about Chatuchak flower market. I went to the market on Sunday and Wednesday- the ultimate/orgasmic moment of the trip. I brought … Continue reading

Hello world!

Hi, welcome to my gardening blog. I am Jo (pronounce as Joe). I live in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. I started with my first plant, sunflower when I was 10, had it flowered and replanted the seeds produced. My passion for gardening continues ever since. My interests in a plant doesn’t usually stops … Continue reading